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Garbadhi Lyrics Translation

Garbadhi Lyrics Translation from KGF Chapter 1, is a meaningful song performed by Ananya BhatKinnal Raj & Ravi Basrur are the songwriters and Ravi Basrur has magnificently composed it. Gatiya Ilidu Lyrics Translation” is produced by Vijay Kiragandur and directed by Prashanth Neel. Check out the song lyrics meaning.


Garbadhi Lyrics Translation

Garbhadi Nannirisi Oorali Nadeyutire
Therali Kulitante Amma
Gumma Bantenisi Hedari Nintaaga
Ninna Serage Kaavalu Amma

In the womb, as you contain me
In the town, as you walk…
Seems like you are majestically sitting in a chariot. Oh! Mother!
When I felt a ghost nearing me, and was transfixed with fright,
It was your saree veil that guards me. Oh! Mother

Kaanada Devararige Kaiyya Naa Mugiye
Ninage Nannusire Aarati

To the unseen God, I refuse to pay obeisance with folded hands.
To you, my life’s breath itself is the ritual of worship!

Thandaani Naane Thanithandaano
Taane Naane No (x2),

Nere Banda Oorali,
Sere Sikka Mookara,
Kanda Kanase Kanna Hangiside,
Nettaru Haridaru,

The neigbourhood is captive.
Eyes were tired while dreaming.

Nemmadi Kaanada,
Bhayava Neeguva Kai Bekaagide,
Kaanada Devaranu,
Ninnali Kandiruve,
Neene Bharavaseyu Naalege,

There is no need to make sense out of it.
The God who does not see you has seen you.
You brought me tomorrow.

Thandaani Naane Thanithandaano
Taane Naane No (x2).

Written By: Ravi Basrur

Garbadhi Song Credits

Song Title:Garbadhi Lyrics Translation
SingerAnanya Bhat
LyricsKinnal Raj, Ravi Basrur
Movie KGF Chapter 1 (Kannada)
ComposerRavi Basrur

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