WAFFCO is a universal solid biogenic fuel fired with a closed combustion chamber. It is made of fire proof clay bricks with metal cladding on the outer sidewalls and a metal door front. The upper part is the cooking plate connected to a small chimney. The fireplace consists of two rooms: the main combustion room (39X31X22 cm) and the chicane corridor which is a combustion gas path above the main combustion chamber. WAFFCO can be integrated with a boiler for hot and sterilized water. It is a well-designed, environmentally-friendly biogenic-fuel stove, aimed at meeting the traditional cooking habits in Africa while significantly reducing the devastating indoor smoke that is created while cooking. The ability to burn biogenic waste in WAFFCO stoves adds o its specialty as a solution to reduce the increasing waste problems.

Using waste as a heat source, the stove helps decrease the growing waste problem and saves households hour of searching for wood for burning. Heat and energy produced by these stoves can be also for heating purposes and provide warm and sterilized water as. The complete product can be manufactured locally. The cooking stovetop consists of an upper metal plate for cooking purpose. WAFFCO can be integrated with a boiler for the generation of hot and sterilized water.

The WAFFCO solution adapts to health and traditional cooking demands with a biogenic solid fuel-fired stove. The main aim of WAFFCO is to help people cook their food with low indoor pollution. Additionally, it helps to reduce biomass and agriculture waste (e.g. peels of potatoes and bananas, coconut shell, etc.) and the biogenic-based water (such as packing material and bio-based plastic). Pilot-stoves were built in small villages and at school in cooperation with HIBEKI e.V. (Hope of Life International School Nayoku) to replace open fired stoves, providing them with warm water. Another implementation has been in Mexico. A Mexican entrepreneur has started to manufacture WAFFCO with non profit and technical expertise from our side.

WAFFCO (Waste-Fuel Free Combustion) is a universal solid biogenic fuel-fired furnace with closed combustion chamber. It is constructed mainly of clay and metal, and designed to replace open-fire stoves.

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