Who won in OLYMPICS 2021

As we all know about TOKYO OLYMPIC 2020 which held from 23 July 2021- 08 August 2021 that have 339 events in 33 sports (50 disciplines). Tokyo was selected the host city during 125 sessions in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 7 September 2013. Earlier the Olympics was decided to be held on 24 July to 9 August but due to covid-19 an emergency situation originated and the event got delayed. About 206 nations were competing in Tokyo Olympics, which means Team USA athletes won’t be the only competitors struggled for their places in history books. The host nation Japan was crowned with third position with 27 gold and overall with 58 medals. Some new and electrifying sports were introduced like 3×3 basketball, freestyle BMX and some mix gender team events. Some other additions were also made for men and women sports like the return of Madison cycling.

YES, it is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who won Tokyo Olympic 2020 with 39 gold, 41 silver and 33 bronze making a total of 113 medals. We never doubted the spirit of the nation as it was also champions of Rio Olympic 2016 with 46 gold and total of 121 medal. Overall the gold medals were slightly lower than five year prior Rio Olympics where United States got 46 gold and total 121 medals. There was total 66 medals won by women (23 gold) and 41 medals by man (16 gold) and 6 by mix.


The Tokyo Olympics were big budget Olympics on record, the approximately budget was about $15.4 billion, while the Japanese government claimed the amount spend was $20 million. Officially the bid was about only $2 billion dollar but later extended to $6 billion dollar. This money was also used for advertising and cash price to the coaches. An amount of 25 Lakh rupees is given to the coach of the athlete winning gold medal, 20 Lakh rupees to coach of athlete winning silver medal and 15 Lakh to the coach of athlete winning bronze medal.

In sports, age is just a number and this can be seen in Tokyo Olympics. Syrian player HEND ZAZA (table tennis player) and Japanese player KOKONA HIRAKI (skateboarder) were youngest athletes of age 12 only while, Australian player MARY HANNA (equestrian) was the oldest player at 66 years old.

As Los Angeles will be the host city of the 2028 Summer Olympics, the United States along with France, who is hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, marched in the opening ceremony just before the host nation Japan. We hope that next Olympics have more countries and won more medal and keep giving their best and it doesn’t gets delayed due to any pandemic.

Stay safe and stay sane.

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