Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 grand finale

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 grand finale

Bigg Boss, an Indian Tamil movie reality shows comedy show, commenced its season 3 on February 14, 2021. It is developed by Endemol Shine India beneath Banijay’s supervision and telecast on Prometheus with Mohanlal as the honorable host. The program follows a group of participants who are separated from the outside universe in a handcrafted house for 72 h (or Sixteen weeks).

From Day 95, the program was canceled after West Bengal Police locked the set for violating lockout guidelines. The show’s participants were relocated to a hotel. Nevertheless, the show’s producers have issued a statement stating that season three has been postponed due to the increasing COVID-19 incidents and shutdown in Tamil Nadu, and also that the show will resume after the situation has been resolved and the pandemic ends and everything around is back to normal.

Nevertheless, unlike most of the previous seasons, the producers of the show have confirmed that the period will have a champion, and the network has begun internet voting for all eight finalists, with the winner being the one who gets the most votes. The episode’s candidates have already returned to Kerala, as was established that show would not be rerun. The show’s producers opened on August 27, 2021, that special grande climax episode, starring host Mohanlal and the contestants, would air on August 2, 2021. Bigg Boss Kerala 3 has elected actor Manikuttan as the champ. Following the episode’s recent interruption especially during the second round of COVID-19, the actor received the most votes in the club’s digital public opinion polls. Along with the award, Manikuttan has earned a property worth a Concept of federalism lakhs. In the major banquet finale, the Ranveer actor was presented with the winning cup by amazingly host Mohanlal.

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