WhatsApp Group Calls Update

WhatsApp Group Calls Update

WhatsApp had given a new updated version for group calls; this update enables the people in WhatsApp to re-join the ongoing calls. WhatsApp users now can find the upgraded features.

WhatsApp is the popular messaging app to date. This is certified as cross-platform with centralised messaging. This application allows the users to receive and send text messages, can share images, locations, contents, and video or voice calls can be made. 

WhatsApp application is available in both iOS and Android software. Later, WhatsApp name has been changed to WhatsApp Messenger. This application can be used in both mobiles and PC or Computers through WhatsApp Web. 

WhatsApp had made work easier for smaller businesses by creating Business platform units in WhatsApp, this variant in the application enables the company or a business for communication building between customers and company representatives. These standards are easily accessible for customers. 

What’s the Current Update on WhatsApp Group Calls

Group calls features in WhatsApp is newly generated with the latest updates, right now WhatsApp users can observe the new changes while accessing the group calls on this popular messaging application. You can join automatically to the group calls through video or audio initially even you missed the exact time of the calls you can join in the middle of the call.

As long as the call continues a user is enabled to attend the call at any moment. This new feature is named “joinable calls” and can be managed through the calls tab. WhatsApp is taken over by the Facebook application and managed by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook). 

The company had announced very early updates about the changes made in group calls. This new update will reduce the stress of attending the group calls within exact time because this new feature enables you to attend the calls according to your convenience.

When you start a group call it will bring spontaneity as well as easiness to have an in-person conversation. 

How to Join an Incoming Group Call

Follow the below steps to join an incoming group call;      

  1. Yow will get a notification in your notification bar when someone will invite you for joining a group called
  2. If you don’t want to join, simply click the ignore button, to know the info of call open the screen and tap join.
  3. After tapping the join, you will be directed to the call  
  4. A call menu is provided for previewing the participants and other invitees to the group call
  5. You can add the people by tapping Add Participant and tap Ring to send the notification for inviting people who are not joined.

How to Join a Missed Group Call

  1. Follow the steps below to re-join the group call;
  2. Open the WhatsApp application and then tap the Calls tab 
  3. If the group call is still ongoing, tap the call to join which directs you to the call info screen
  4. From the call info screen tap Join, then you will get re-joined for the invited group call.

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