New Windows Office Insider Preview Build 14315.20008 now available for Beta Channel subscribers

New Windows Office Insider Preview Build 14315.20008 now available for Beta Channel subscribers 

Microsoft Office is known as program and Windows is known as the operating system. Microsoft is now available with new windows office with updated versions which are available for beta channel subscribers on a preview build of 14315.20008. This version is totes dependent on the insider version of the program. 

This new windows office is filled with new features, and also offers the bug fixes such as; PowerPoint, outlook, and word. This application is varied with different purposes according to the user’s choice. Windows office is produced in many versions which target different users and their computer environments.

The beta builds are now available for office insider users, Microsoft stated that office insider posts are changed according to the feedback receives by the customers. Regular updates are enabled for Windows 10 and 11 users. 

Changelog for Beta Channel Subscribers

Changelogs were introduced for different applications such as;

Word: a notable fix is introduced, where this application can close unexpectedly through an inserting link given in the comment.

Outlook: a user can’t open nor preview the mails 

PowerPoint: exception is caused by an application with unexpected close.

Beta Channel Builds and Versions

If the insider levels are enrolled by a user, frequent updates, improvements, and features will be notified. There are many versions built which show a huge history of beta channel builds and versions. 

The channel is designated with 14315.20008, this is termed as the latest version in the series of 2108. There are many series followed with a version designation.

Notes of Beta Channel 

The beta channel consists of various applications such as;

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Windows
  • Access
  • Outlook

Every week new updates are generated which highlights the interesting features and fixes the important bugs. Every new update fixes significant issues. The audience can fill the queries about the fixes in the next update so that the team ensures all the things with smooth work and then releases the update. 

Before releasing the features, they will check and run the program to know the working of that current update. To know the actual update in brief not is released every week.

Feature Updates and Resolved Issues 


  • When an outlook account is added, a link will be appeared to create the new outlook account on the window.
  • Outlook is now faster and easier with a new update that offers small replies to emails within received messages. This feature can be switched accordingly in the settings area.


  • Issues were fixed for small data markers which disappear from the spreadsheet when it is zoomed out.
  • Protected files will appear with no label metadata, this label determines the protection with a label policy.


  • Proofing settings are not persisted
  • Bullets can be disappeared during texting
  • The issue is fixed on the saving files process

The above-mentioned features and resolved issues are from the latest update, where every week has a new update with the list of resolved issues and new features.

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